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About Us

We are a group of young professionals with in-depth knowledge into Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes.

Curator and Resource Person

Click Here to know more about Dr. Ananth Prabhu G

It all started with the penchant desire of the curator and resource person Dr Ananth Prabhu G, PhD, PDF, to help the young girls and women to engage with responsible browsing on the internet. The idea was given a shape by building Info toons to help students and women easily understand various Cybercrimes committed on a daily basis. We have received unstinted support from the seniors at Karnataka Police to curate the initial program.


Cyber Safe Campus a unique program under the aegis of the national project Cyber Safe Girl - Beti Bachao Cyber Crime Se’. However, we are keen to educate young students nationwide on cybercrime and hence this eLearning program.

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eLearning program

50 Info toons in animation, in detail explanation by Dr. Ananth Prabhu G, Tips to stay safe by Adv Prashanth Jhala, Note from a Police Officer Sri Yashavantha K, Cybercrime mapping with IT Acts and IPC, Special and Local Laws, Test after each module concluding with a grand test, eCertificate valid for 2 years.

On Campus Workshop

3 hours of on campus seminar, Cyber Safe Girl book, Tips to stay safe from Adv Prashanth Jhala, Senior Advocate, Cyber Crimes, Note from a Police Officer, Cybercrime mapping with IT Act and IPC, Special and Local Laws, Certificate of Participation, Cyber Safe Campus Certificate for the School valid for 1 year.

Swachh Devices

Institutions should protect themselves and their sources by keeping up-to-date on the latest digital security news and threats such as hacking, phishing, and surveillance. Institutions should think about ways to keep their machines, data and their employees safe. It is therefore necessary to sensitize the employees that the hardware does not fall into the wrong hands, and take measures to defend their accounts, devices, communications, and online activity.


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SurePass Academy #9, II Floor,
Manasa Towers, P.V.S Junction, Mangalore 575004

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+91 95356 45357

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